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To preserve equal opportunity for all students and to limit diversion of money and school and staff resources from the basic school program, each Local Education Agencies (LEAs) fee policies shall be designed to limit student expenditures for school-sponsored activities, including expenditures for LEAs activities, uniforms, clubs, clinics, travel, and subject area and vocational leadership organizations, whether local, state, or national. (Reference Regulation: R277-407-6(9)).


Fee means something of monetary value requested or required by an LEA as a condition to a student's participation in an activity, class, or program provided, sponsored, or supported by a school. (Reference Regulation: R277-407-2(4)(a))Regulation

R277-407: School Fees
Utah State Board of Education Administrative Rules

Title 53G-7-5: School Fees
Utah State Legislature


Grades K-12

Forms Packets

School Fees Forms Packet School Year 2023-2024

Paquete de formularios de tasas escolares año escolar 2023-2024 (Spanish)

2023-الرسوم المدرسية نماذج حزمة العام الدراسي 2024- (Arabic)

学费表格小包 2023-2024学年 (Chinese)

Kharashka Dugsiga Foomamka Baakadka Sannad Dugsiyeedka 2023-2024 (Somali)

Model Policies

Utah State Board of Education School Fees Model Policy

*To obtain the model policy in Word format contact the School Fees team at schoolfees@schools.utah.gov.

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