Utah State Board of Education

Education Excellence for Each Student

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The Utah State Board of Education will set the general statewide conditions in which each student can excel, including equity of educational opportunities and culturally responsive practices to promote each student’s academic success and well-being. Resources and Board policies and practices will be aligned to high expectations and successful outcomes for each student.

The Utah State Board of Education will place focus on intended learning outcomes as a key to high student achievement with the understanding that high quality instruction is central to that ideal.

The Utah State Board of Education will set the conditions and systems for student success by working with, understanding, and listening to stakeholders on every level on practices, strategies, resources, and policies that will lead to continued and even greater efficiencies and improvements in student outcomes.

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Assessment and Accountability
Students in Classroom
Connect with Superintendent
Superintendent Sydnee Dickson
Data and Statistics
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Data Gateway
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Educator Licensing
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Education Elevated
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Financial Operations
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Policy, Law And Professional Practices
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