The Utah State Board of Education (USBE) makes annual accountability determinations for schools based on student academic outcomes and growth. As a state, we are also committed to using fair accountability models that differentiates the performance of schools. Each accountability system has different criteria of how school quality is measured. While the criteria and procedures are not expected to change significantly, it is possible that some of the procedures described below may have or will be changed. See Utah’s technical Manual for detailed information on the business rules of these three accountability systems:

  • School Grading (State Accountability system)
  • School Federal Accountability Reports (SFAR) (Federal Accountability system)
  • PACE (former School Report Card; Governor’s report)

Schools Identified under Utah Code 53A-1-12: School Turnaround and Leadership Development Act

Cohort 1Cohort 2


Guide to Utah's Alternative and Special Needs School Accountability Report

USBE Performance Thresholds For School Grades

USBE Resolution Establishing the Assessment and Accountability Policy Advisory Committee (2016)

Utah Accountability Technical Manual (2017)

Utah's Student Growth Percentiles (SGP) (YouTube)

Prepare Access Complete Economic Success (PACE)





School Federal Accountability Reports

Formerly Utah Comprehensive Accountability System (UCAS)






Utah Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)

Draft Methodology for ESSA ELP Indicator

Utah ESEA Flexibility Approved Plan

Utah ESEA Flexibility Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Utah ESEA Flexibility Request


USBE Accountability




Utah State School Grades






2012-2013 Grading Summary

School Grading Exemption Request Form

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Assessment to Achievement

The Assessment to Achievement Professional Learning program focuses on effectively using data to improve student achievement. School and district teams who participate in this two year program increase their own expertise in analyzing data and then use the analysis to inform instructional and program decisions that positively influence students and schools. The first cohort (45 schools) began in 2015. The second cohort (45 schools) began in May 2016. This program will provide a guaranteed two year opportunity with a possible extension up to four years if funding becomes available.

What is Assessment to Achievement?


Assessment to Achievement Executive Summary

Brochure: Building Capacity for Effective Use of Assessment Data

Implementation Indicators: Data Collection, Observation, and Reflection Tools

Project Literature: Building Capacity for Effective Use of Assessment Data

The Data Wise Improvement Process

Harvard Graduate School of Education:

Who is Participating?

Cohort 1 Participants

What are Educators Saying about Assessment to Achievement?

Assessment to Achievement began in 2015 with 45 schools participating:

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Data Management

R277-404-9: Data Exchanges, requires the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) to provide direction to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) detailing the data exchange requirements for each assessment. This section is intended to give Assessment Directors access to resources, trainings, documentation, and tools in order to manage data for each assessment.


2017-2018 Assessment Core Codes

Dual Immersion

Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) and Utah Alternate Assessment (UAA)

Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence (SAGE) English Language Arts (ELA)

SAGE Summative and Interim Mathematics

SAGE Summative and Interim Science

USBE Data Gateway

USBE Secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP): Move-it

USBE Student Information System (SIS) 

Utah eTranscript and Record Exchange (UTREx) Extract: Student Enrollment File Format

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Special Education Services (SES)

SES Assessment
Utah State Board of Education (USBE)

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Utah Compose 

Rubric Comparisons

Utah Compose and Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence (SAGE) Opinion/Argument Essay Rubric Comparison

Utah Compose and SAGE Informational/Explanatory Essay Rubric Comparison

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Utah Test Item Pool Service (UTIPS) Core

UTIPS Core was launched in 2011 in a collaborative effort between the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) and the Utah Education Network (UEN). It is a centralized service that is highly focused on classroom assessments. It is built using HTML5 and CSS3 standards.

UTIPS Core is available to Utah Educators for use in all courses (e.g., Career and Technical Education (CTE), Social Studies, etc.). Educators may write their own items for use with their students. Assessments may also be shared across classrooms, schools, and Utah.

The UTIPS item pool was realigned to the 2013 Utah Standards for English Language Arts (ELAs) and Mathematics, however new items have not been written.


Web Access Information by Organization

All UTIPS accounts are accessible through regionally located servers.


Introduction to UTIPS Core

Getting Started with UTIPS Core

Statewide Sharing Enrollment Codes (2014-2015)

UTIPS Help Desk

Inquiries submitted to the old UTIPS help desk in December, 2016 are not accessible to USBE staff to respond to. Please resubmit your help desk inquiry to the new help desk email address if it has not yet been resolved. 

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