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Comprehensive Administration of Credentials for Teachers in Utah Schools (CACTUS)

New LEA CACTUS Users  

Please follow these steps every time there is a change in your LEA’s CACTUS administrators.  It is critical to complete these steps as soon as possible to maintain security of educator information.

  1. Complete the End User Removal Form with the person who is no longer to have CACTUS access.
  2. Request CACTUS and Remote Desktop Service (RDS) accounts through the Application Help Desk.  (801) 538-7800
  3. Review CACTUS Training Materials
  4. Watch the Annual CACTUS Training in entirety.
  5. Review recent Educator Licensing Newsletters for important information related to educator licensing and CACTUS.

CACTUS Annual Training  

This was held July 19, 2023. You may view the recording ( at any time. All new users must watch the training in entirety prior to having the new account approved by USBE.

CACTUS Codes & Data for SY24

  1. 2023-2024 Assignment Requirements - This file shows which license areas and endorsements are required to qualify an individual for a particular assignment.  Any assignment that is not a school leader or teacher has requirements determined by the LEA (R277-308).(Spreadsheet File)
  2. 2023-2024 Percentages by Full-time Equivalency (FTE) and Qualifications MidYear Report - This file shows the percent of teachers at each LEA and school that have Professional, Associate, or LEA-Specific licenses.  These data are required if your LEA uses LEA-Specific licensing.EE(Spreadsheet File)
  3. School Year (SY) 2023-2024 Active Core Codes - These are this school year's course codes and assignments.(Spreadsheet File)
  4. New School Request Form - Complete this form to add a new school to CACTUS.
  5. SY 2025 Core Code Changes - These changes will take effect for the 2024-2025 school year.

CACTUS Database Steward

Kristin Campbell is the Educator Licensing Data Steward. Please contact her with any CACTUS database related questions by email.

Administrative & School Supports