Training Materials

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Training for School Community Councils (SCC) or a Charter Trustland Councils

The School Children’s Trust Section at the Utah State Board of Education provides these training materials to assist in the  training of School Community Councils and Charter Trustland Councils.

Councils 101

Council Overview

Fall 2022 Council Chair Training Recording


Holding Meetings

Recommended Timeline for School Community Councils

Recommended Timeline for Charter Trustland Councils

5 Tips for Helpful Rules of Order & Procedure

Extended Rules of Order & Procedure Training

Rules of Order & Procedure Templates (PDF) 


Council Signatures

This past Fall, the Utah State Board of Education updated its rule requiring council member signatures (R277-477-3). Previously, the form was created and maintained at the state level through the School Land Trust website. Now, districts and charters are required to design and distribute their own signature pages. Signatures may be collected on paper or digitally and copies should be provided to LEA leadership prior to approving the School LAND Trust Plans. This revised rule should allow for greater flexibility and a more meaningful, local process for parents to provide LEAs with feedback. 


Information about Updated Council Signature Rule

Signature Page Template

Updated Council Signature Rule Video

Updated Council Signature Rule Video (Spanish)




School Website Resources

If your school receives School Land Trust funds, your school website should provide your community valuable information about your council and your LAND Trust Plan. These resources will help you to understand what is expected and how compliance is monitored. 

Training Videos

School Website Requirements Video

Extended Website Training Video

Checklists and Forms

School Website Checklist for School Leaders & Council Chairs

School Website Compliance Monitoring Form for SCT Office


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Reviewing Council Plans

Checklist for Reviewing Council Plans