Development for Classroom Teachers

Beginning Educator

Professional Learning Network

Utah's Beginning Educator Professional Learning Network is an online gathering place that provides opportunities for early career teachers to meet and share ideas, struggles, and strategies with other early career teachers in the state. The group is accessible through the Utah Education Network (UEN). 

Each month, site administrators will share resources and tips with group members. Group members may also use the discussion board to seek information or share their own ideas with peers.

Join this group today by visiting Teacher Mentoring Hub.

Please contact Kami Dupree at with any questions.

Utah Effective Teaching Standards

2022 Standards

Effective date to be announced.

Utah Effective Teaching Standards

2013 Standards

Currently in effect until further notice.

Utah Effective Teaching Standards

Utah Effective Teaching Standards and Indicators

Utah’s High Quality Instructional (HQI) Cycle for Local Education Agencies (LEAs)
Utah State Board of Education Personalized, Competency-Based Learning (PCBL)