CTE Month

Celebrate Today, Own Tomorrow!

This month will showcase career and technical education in Utah's junior highs and high schools. The goal is to feature the opportunities students have to explore a variety of career areas that will equip him/her with the academic knowledge and technical skills vital for entry into the evolving workforce of the 21st century.


February is CTE Month.

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CTE Facts

Get the facts. Information highlights career and technical education in Utah.

College and Career Ready through CTE
Infographic highlighting nationwide survey of CTE students and educators.

CTE and Dropout Prevention
CTE courses keep students coming back.

CTE At-A-Glance
Quick facts and statistics about CTE in Utah.

CTE: Education for a Strong Economy
CTE programs are needed to help ensure the strength of our workforce.

CTE Improves Student Achievement in High School, College and Career
Infographic outlining the benefits of encouraging teens to participate in CTE.

CTE Today!National facts about CTE, quick fact sheet.

CTE Works!
National research demonstrating the value of CTE.

CTE Works! About CTE
More national research detailing how CTE works for high school students, adults, the economy and more.

CTE Works! Survey Results
National results from 2014 survey demonstrating the value of CTE.

History of CTE
Career and Technical Education as we know it today has its roots in the founding of the United States. From the start, a strong knowledge base and skill set for citizens were considered important. The following four articles from the old AVA Journal in 1976 show how career and technical education has adapted over time to stay at the forefront of American society.

What Is CTE?
Infographic detailing CTE.


Includes tips and ideas for promoting career and technical education at the local level.

28 Things to Do During CTE Month


Advocacy for CTE

Advocacy Toolkit: Social Media Advocacy 
ACTE shares tips on how to contact the media or policymakers through Facebook, Twitter, and other sites.

Advocacy Toolkit: Targeting the Media
ACTE shares information on how to become a trusted media source, develop a media distribution list, and communicate with a newspaper or website's editorial board.

Communicating with the Media
ACTE shares several great ways to engage your elected representatives, including mayors, city managers, county executives, state legislators, governors, and Congress.

Pocket CTE Advocacy Card
Print pages 1-2 and 3-4 double-sided and cut into individual cards.



CTE Month Bookmark



CTE: Preparing Students for College and Career Brochure


Door Banners (24" x 74")

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Pathways and Facts by Career Cluster



Marketing Tips

Pass Along Card
Print pages 1-2 and 3-4 double-sided and cut into individual cards.

Promoting CTE