Youth-In-Custody (YIC)


Youth-In-Custody education services at the Utah State Board of Education provides services and interventions for individuals under the age of 21 who are in custody of or receiving services from the Utah Department of Human Services or an equivalent Native American tribe, or who are being held in a juvenile detention facility.

Through contracts with local school districts, we provide educational administrative and support services for eligible students. We are committed to providing equitable educational experiences and quality learning opportunities for students in a variety of custody situations and placement settings.


Youth in Care Snapshots

Statewide Approved Indirect Cost Rates (Fiscal Year)
Utah State Board of Education Financial Operations Reporting


R277-709: Education Programs Serving Youth in Custody
Utah State Board of Education Administrative Rules

Title R547: Human Services, Juvenile Justice Services
Utah Office of Administrative Rules

Utah Coordinating Council for Youth In Care (UCCYIC)

Title 53E-3-503: Education of Individuals in Custody of or Receiving Services from Certain State Agencies, Establishment of Coordinating Council, Advisory Councils
The Utah Coordinating Council for Youth In Care was established by the Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Utah State Board of Education pursuant to a directive by the 1979 Utah State Legislature.

Utah Coordinating Council for Youth in Care (UCCYIC) 2021-2022 Members
The Council operates under guidelines developed and approved by the two sponsoring state agencies, Department of Human Services and the Utah State Board of Education.


Ensuring Educational Stability for Children in Foster Care

Office of Licensing
Utah Department of Human Services Licensing

Residential Treatment Centers (RTCs) and Education

Youth Education Coordinating Form

Youth in Care: Student Information Form


Educating Youth in State Care
Utah Department of Human Services

The Judicial Branch of the Navajo Nation

Utah Department of Commerce Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL)

Utah State Board of Education Adult Education

Youth Providers Association, Inc. (YPA)

Youth Services
Utah Department of Human Services Child and Family Services


Casey Family Programs

Coalition for Juvenile Justice (CJJ)

Legal Center for Foster Care and Education
American Bar Association (ABA) Center on Children and the Law

National Juvenile Justice Network (NJJN)

National Partnership for Juvenile Services (NPJS)

Collaborating Agencies

Utah Department of Human Services:

Workforce Services Rehabilitation

Best Practices

The National Technical Assistance Center for the Education of Neglected or Delinquent Children and Youth (NDTAC)

Correctional Education in Juvenile Justice Facilities | Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA or IDEA, Part B) Letter
United States Department of Education


Education Resources
Utah Department of Human Services Child and Family Services

Olene S. Walker Transition to Adult Living (TAL) Scholarship and Mentor Program
Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs

Utah Mentoring

Utah’s K-12 Check and Connect (C and C) Personnel Directory 2022-2023

Training Webinars

Utah State Board of Education (USBE) Youth in Custody (YIC) Webinars

Session One
April 29, 2020

YIC Webinar: Session One
YIC Webinars Session One

Session Two
May 13, 2020

YIC Webinar: Session Two
YIC Webinars Session Two

Session Three
May 27, 2020

YIC Webinar: Session Three
Suicide Prevention
YIC Webinars Session Three

Session Four
June 10, 2020

YIC Webinar: Session Four
Substance Use Prevention

Note: No video presentation available due to technical difficulties.

Session Five
June 24, 2020

YIC Webinar: Session Five

Note: No video presentation available due to technical difficulties.

Session Six
September 15, 2020

YIC Webinar: Session Six
Student Services Roles and Communication
YIC Webinars Session Six

Session Seven
October 8, 2020

YIC Webinar: Session Seven
Resilience in Young Children
YIC Webinars Session Seven

Special Session
October 21, 2020

YIC Webinar: Special Session
YIC Webinars Special Session with Education
Transition and Career Advocates (ETCAs)

Session Eight
November 9, 2020

YIC Webinar: Session Eight
YIC Webinars Session Eight

Session Nine
December 9, 2020

YIC Webinar: Session Nine
YIC Webinars Session Nine

Note: Protective Factors presentation slide deck available by request. Please contact Amanda Charlesworth at

Session Ten
January 13, 2021

YIC Webinar: Session Ten
YIC Webinars Session Ten

Session Eleven
February 10, 2021

YIC Webinar: Session Eleven
YIC Webinar Session Eleven

Session Twelve
March 10, 2021

YIC Webinar: Session Twelve
YIC Webinars Session Twelve

Session Thirteen
April 14, 2021

YIC Webinar Session Thirteen
YIC Webinar Session Thirteen

Session Fourteen
May 12, 2021 

YIC Webinar Session Fourteen
YIC Webinar Session Fourteen

Session Fifteen
June 23, 2021 

YIC Webinar Session Fifteen
YIC Webinar Session Fifteen June 23, 2021

Session Sixteen
September 15, 2021

YIC Webinar Session Sixteen
YIC Webinar Session Sixteen

Session Seventeen
October 13, 2021

YIC Webinar Session Seventeen
YIC Webinar Session Seventeen

Session Eighteen
November 10, 2021

YIC Webinar Session Eighteen
YIC Webinar Session Eighteen

Session Nineteen
December 8, 2021

YIC Webinar Session Nineteen
YIC Webinar Session Nineteen

Session Twenty
January 19, 2022

YIC Webinar Session Twenty
YIC Webinar Session Twenty

Session Twenty-One
February 16, 2022

YIC Webinar Session Twenty-One
YIC Webinar Session Twenty-One

Session Twenty-Two
March 16, 2022

YIC Webinar Session Twenty-Two
YIC Webinar Session Twenty-Two

Session Twenty-Three
April 20, 2022

YIC Webinar Session Twenty-Three
YIC Webinar Session Twenty-Three

Session Twenty-Four
May 18, 2022

YIC Webinar Session Twenty-Four
YIC Webinar Session Twenty-Four

Session Twenty-Five


Session Twenty-Six
September 14, 2022

YIC Webinar 26
YIC Webinar Twenty Six

Session Twenty-Seven
October 19, 2022

YIC Webinar Twenty-Seven
YIC Webinar Session Twenty Seven

Session Twenty-Eight
November 9, 2022

YIC Webinar Session Twenty-Eight
YIC Webinar Session Twenty Eight

Session Twenty-Nine
December 14, 2022

YIC Webinar Session Twenty-Nine
YIC Webinar Session Twenty Nine

Session Thirty
January 18, 2023

YIC Webinar Session Thirty
YIC Webinar Session Thirty