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What is ULEAD?

Utah Leading through Effective, Actionable, and Dynamic (ULEAD) Education was created to find, research, and highlight proven practices in Utah schools for replication statewide. ULEAD partners with practitioners, researchers, and education organizations to develop and curate resources, foster collaboration, and drive systemic change for improved student outcomes. The ULEAD Clearinghouse is a growing repository of innovative, effective, and efficient practice resources and tools to support educators.

House Bill (H.B.) 437: Education Research and Innovation Amendments
House Bill (H.B.) 408: Public Education Amendments
Utah State Legislature

ULEAD Steering Committee

The ULEAD Education Steering Committee consists of twelve members and the director who help prioritize ULEAD reports and areas of focused research and make connections between ULEAD and the broader community. Steering Committee members include teachers, coaches, principals, superintendents, and community members that are active in the education community in addition to leadership representation from the Utah State Board of Education and Governor’s Office.

Please Help Us Move This Work Forward

If you are aware of innovative, effective, and/or efficient educational practices that should be studied and/or shared with comparable Utah public schools, please submit your recommendation or request using the links below or e-mail a brief description of that practice along with your contact information to the ULEAD Director.

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ULEAD Research Request
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