Prospective Providers

Becoming an Online Provider

An SOEP authorized online course provider has the capacity and expertise to offer online education to students from different schools and backgrounds, using their own systems and materials. They must follow the same standards and requirements as public schools, such as having licensed and qualified teachers, offering approved curriculum and content, administering the same assessments, and protecting the security and privacy of student data. SOEP providers must also demonstrate a high level of completion and performance for their courses and meet application criteria established by the Utah State Board of Education. SOEP providers include:

  • A public school or program created exclusively to serve students online.
  • A program of a Utah public institution of higher education that offers secondary school level courses and was created exclusively to serve students online.
  • A non-profit entity that permits open-entry open-exit instruction and has prior experience offering NCAA approved online courses to secondary students.

To learn more please send an email to  Include your name, the name of the school, and a link to your website.

Statewide Online Education Program (SOEP) Provider Website Information
An example of what the website needs to include as a part of SOEP.


2024-2025 SOEP Provider Application & Statewide Services Agreement (LEA Schools/Programs)

2024-2025 SOEP Provider Application & Statewide Services Agreement (Certified Online Provider)