Utah's Portrait of a Graduate


Utah's Portrait of a Graduate identifies the ideal characteristics of a Utah graduate after going through the K-12 system. These are aspirations not necessarily meant to be quantified and measured. These characteristics begin at home and are cultivated in educational settings.


Utah Talent: Mastery. Autonomy. Purpose (MAP)

Press Release

Board Approves Statewide ‘Portrait of a Graduate’ Model
Utah State Board of Education Public Relations

Utah P-20 Competencies Draft

Utah P-20 Competencies Draft V1 Public Comment

The Utah State Board of Education is releasing the draft Utah P-20 Competencies for 30-Day public comment. This draft was developed by over 100 Utah educators and stakeholders in Spring 2020. We are seeking public input on the draft and recommendations for improvement.

Survey for Public Comment on the UT P-20 Competencies Draft

Public comment period will close on Thursday, July 9, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.

Utah Talent and Utah Graduates

Our Vision and Utah Graduates


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