USBE Organization Chart

Utah State Board of Education Organization Chart


Quick tips:

  • Searching: Using the search bar on top of the organizational chart you can search for individual staff members by name or title.
  • Filtering: Using the search bar on top of the organizational chart, you can filter the chart to only display a team or section. For example, to filter the organization chart to only display the Student Support section, you would:
    1. click on “filter” in the search bar on top (to filter instead of search, this must be the first step)
    2. type “student support”
    3. click on “student support” 
  • Zooming: Using the zoom feature on the bottom left of the organization chart you can use the "+" to zoom in and the "-" to zoom out. 
  • Expanding: Clicking on the number in the bottom right corner of a supervisor's profile card, you can expand the organization chart to see more sections, teams, and staff members. You can also show fewer sections, teams, and staff members by following the same process in reverse. 
  • Detailed View: Clicking a profile card for any staff member will display more information such as the individual's contact information.