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The essence of human interaction is language and communication. The world is full of languages. How far do you have to go from your front door to know that this is true? Think about how many more people and places you could really get to know, newspapers and books you could read, movies and TV programs you could understand, websites you could visit with another language!

The world that our students will encounter as adults will be vastly different from the one we know today. The rapid development of telecommunications will make the ability to communicate in more than one language a necessity in a global economy. Therefore it is important to prepare our students for this multilingual environment by ensuring that they are able to function in languages other than English. During the learning process, they will derive the benefits of developing insight into their own language and culture as they learn to communicate with others.

Educator Endorsements

Application Effective July 1, 2021

World Languages Endorsement
World Languages Endorsement Requirement Options
Utah State Board of Education Educator Licensing

Application Retiring June 30, 2023

World Language Endorsement (Retiring)
Utah State Board of Education Educator Licensing

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