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For parents who wish to home school their child, the State of Utah requires the parent to complete and file an affidavit with their local school district stating their intent to home school. Once the affidavit is filed by the parent, the students listed on the affidavit are withdrawn from their public K-12 schools and exempt from Utah’s compulsory education law. Your local school district may have a preferred form for this process, but no specific form is required by state law. While the Utah State Board of Education can provide information regarding state policies, parents have jurisdiction over home school.

Model Affidavit Form

Utah State Board of Education Model Affidavit and Exemption Certificate for Home School Instruction


Frequently Asked Questions About School District Responsibilities and Home Schools

Utah Home Education Association (UHEA)

Utah Code 53G-6-204.  School-age children exempt from school attendance

Special Education Rules in regard to Home School (see page. 172)



Cassie Hays, M. Ed.
Parent Liaison and Engagement Education Specialist
Utah State Board of Education