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Utah's formal Digital Teaching and Learning (DTL) initiative began in 2012 with the collaborative efforts of local school systems, the Utah State Board of Education, the Utah Education and Telehealth Network (UETN), and the Legislature working together. This led to the creation of Utah's Master Plan: Essential Elements for Technology Powered Learning, which articulates the intent of technology-powered learning in Utah, including the critical role of educators as the architects of learning.

Each section has resources and tools to assist districts, schools, administrators and teachers as technology is leveraged to improve teaching and learning. We are committed to providing resources and support as you augment effective pedagogy practices with purposeful implementation of educational technology, always keeping in mind that learning comes first and technology is secondary to exceptional pedagogy.

Advisory Committee

Dr. Patty Norman, Co-Chair
Utah State Board of Education

Dr. Ray Timothy, Co-Chair
Utah Education and Telehealth Network

Todd Call, Coordinator
Utah State Board of Education

Tony Campbell
Washington School District

Missy Hamilton
Murray School District

Fred Donaldson
DaVinci Academy

Jim Langston
Tooele School District

Duke Mossman, Executive Director
Northeast Utah Educational Services (NUES)

Grant Program

2020 Fiscal Year Application Cycle

Local Education Agencies (LEAs) interested in receiving Digital Teaching and Learning (DTL) Grant funding need to do the following:

  1. Attend the DTL Bootcamp to receive technical assistance and guidance with creating a DTL Plan as well as comprehensive grant application expectations and
  2. Successfully complete and submit a comprehensive DTL Grant Application, to be approved by the Utah State Board of Education.

Digital Teaching and Learning Application

Funding Projections


March 4-5, 2019
DTL Bootcamp

LEAs interested in applying for the DTL Grant are required to attend DTL Bootcamp to help inform the creation of their DTL Plans. Bootcamp will also provide technical expertise from the Utah State Board of Education as LEAs create their comprehensive application with onsite support. Register in Massively Integrated Data Analytics System (MIDAS). If you need assistance, contact MIDAS@schools.utah.gov.

March 4 Meeting Location
Utah State Board of Education
250 East 500 South
Salt Lake City, Utah
Parking and entrance on south side of building.

March 5 Meeting Location
Utah Council of Education Technology (UCET) Conference
Utah Valley Convention Center
220 West Center Street, Suite 200
Provo, Utah

April 17, 2019
Grant Application Draft Due

May 15, 2019
Grant Application Final Due


The DTL Grant Program for LEAs was created in accordance with the following regulation:


The Digital Teaching and Learning (DTL) Program was launched in 2016, funding grants in 65 Local Education Agencies (LEAs) across the state in Cohort 1. Cohorts 2 and 3 added a total of 15 additional LEAs in subsequent years. Each participating district or charter school has created a plan for DTL, approved by the Utah State Board of Education, in order to receive DTL Grant Program funds.

To review DTL Grant Plans for cohorts already in progress, including background information, targeted outcomes, implementation progress, and evaluation reports, please visit the Digital Teaching and Learning Grant Program (Dashboard).


Utah's Master Plan Essential Elements for Technology Powered Learning | Digital Teaching and Learning Grant Program
Utah Education Network (UEN)

Digital Teaching And Learning Grant Program (Dashboard)

Learn Platform
Learn connects educators and technologies to raise the bar on learning (EdTech Management)

The Future Ready Framework
Future Ready Schools


Educator Endorsement

Utah State Board of Education Checklist of Minimum Requirements for the Educational Technology Endorsement (Inservice/College Course Work/Demonstrated Competency)
Educator Licensing

Educational Technology Endorsement Programs (ETEP)
Utah Education Network (UEN)

If you have any questions, please contact Rick Gaisford, EdTech Specialist at (801) 538-7798 or via e-mail at rick.gaisford@schools.utah.gov.

Software Initiatives

Early Intervention Software Program (EISP)

In 2012, the Utah State Legislature funded the Early Intervention Software Program (EISP) to support the growth of K-3 students’ literacy. Local Education Agencies (LEAs) in Utah can select from among four computer-based literacy programs which provide individualized instruction and are designed to supplement students’ classroom learning.


Utah State Board of Education Policy, Law and Professional Practices Utah Legislative Reports

Early Intervention Reading Software Program Report


Best Practices for Improving Early Intervention Software Programs (EISP) in Utah Schools: 2016-2017 K-3 Qualitative Study Findings

Utah’s Early Intervention Reading Software Program: 2016-2017 K-3 Program Evaluation Results

Utah’s English Learner Software Initiative

The Utah English Learner Software Initiative provides English Learners throughout Utah access to literacy software, training, and support.

Please contact Melanie Durfee at melanie.durfee@schools.utah.gov for more information. 

DTL Team

Todd Call
Phone (801) 538-7785 | E-mail

Juan Carlos Mejia
Office Assistant
Phone: (801) 538-7751 | E-mail

Melanie Durfee
Digital Teaching and Learning Specialist
Phone (801) 538-7719 | E-mail

Sydney Young
Digital Teaching and Learning Specialist
Phone (801) 538-7959 | E-mail

Rick Gaisford
EdTech Specialist
Phone (801) 538-7798 | E-mail

Alan Griffin
Instructional Materials Specialist
Phone (801) 538-7783 | E-mail

Jimmy Hernandez
Research Consultant
Phone: (801) 538-7753 | E-mail