Joseph Kerry

Joseph KerryJoseph Kerry


1st term, elected in 2022

My passion for education came from two amazing women in my life: my mother and my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Thomas. My mother was a young girl when her family was forced to flee their home in North Korea. To my mom, education was viewed as a doorway that would open a lifetime of growth, personal responsibility, and learning. Mrs. Thomas took the time to help me grow. Over that school year, she inspired me to learn, read more, and sit still.

Our classrooms today are filled with teachers like Mrs. Thomas. They care, they're dedicated, and they're passionate. Our communities are filled with families who love their children and want the best for them. When we work together, with respect and understanding, we create an environment where students excel and are firmly placed on the pathway to a lifetime of growth, responsibility, and service.

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Joseph Kerry

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