Bullying Prevention

Bullying is commonly understood as aggressive behavior that (a) is intended to cause distress and harm, (b) exists in a relationship in which there is an imbalance of power and strength, and (c) is repeated over time.

Bullying may involve physical actions, words, gestures and social isolation. Although bullying may involve direct, relatively open attacks against a victim, bullying is frequently indirect, or subtle in nature (spreading rumors, enlisting a friends to assault a child). The classic definition of bullying in Utah Schools was expanded by the Utah Legislature. Changes are reflected in the Utah Office of Administrative Rule R277-613: Local Education Agency (LEA) Bullying, Cyber-bullying, Hazing and Harassment Policies and Training.

The overall goal of bullying prevention and intervention is to provide every student with a safe and supportive school and social environment. For more information on how to prevent bullying, who is at risk, how to respond, and how to get help now, please visit stopbullying.gov.


Bullying Statistics