Teacher Networking and Direct Collaboration


This webpage is a part of the Utah Leading through Effective, Actionable, and Dynamic (ULEAD) Education Clearinghouse.

The degree to which evidence-based practices are systemically implemented will depend on clear communication and collaboration. Great teachers have countless experiences where instruction and content are effectively combined to promote student learning. One effective and efficient way to improve the learning environment is to support purposeful collaboration and the sharing of promising practices among teachers.

The links on this web page are currently designed to encourage the use of the Utah Education Network (UEN) resources, identify and share promising practices, and propose research projects. Over time, additional ways to connect practitioners and researchers will be added to more efficiently promote those practices that have positive learning outcomes for our young people.

The Utah Education Network, formally established by the Utah State Legislature as the statewide delivery system for education in Utah in 1989, connects about 840,000 students and 73,000 educators and staff from pre-K through college (UEN Teacher Toolbox). In 2014 the Utah State Legislature merged the Utah Education Network with the Utah Telehealth Network, creating UETN, which connects more than 70 hospitals, clinics and health departments. Utah Education Network resources that support teacher networking and direct collaboration include: