Utah Leading through Effective, Actionable, and Dynamic (ULEAD) Innovative and Effective Practice Reports


"There is created the Utah Leading through Effective, Actionable, and Dynamic (ULEAD) Education, a collaborative effort in research and innovation between the director, participating institutions, and education leaders to: gather and explain current education research in an electronic research clearinghouse for use by practitioners; initiate and disseminate research reports on innovative and successful practices by Utah Local Education Agencies (LEAs), and guided by the steering committee, practitioners, and policymakers; promote statewide innovation and collaboration…and…propose policy changes to remove barriers to implementation of successful practices."

To help enhance the conditions for successful collaboration, a few simplified definitions should be helpful:

  • Innovative: new methods, strategies, devices, etc.
  • Effective: providing a definite and/or desired measurable result
  • Efficient: producing a desired effect with minimal effort, expense, and/or waste
  • Actionable: able to be done or acted on; having practical value
  • Dynamic: a force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process

The ULEAD Practice Reports will become more detailed over time. For this Clearinghouse to have practical value and to enhance local collaborative efforts, a concerted effort will be made to provide summary documents that are clear, defensible, and supportive of evidence-based practices.

Practice Reports

Through at least 2019, ULEAD Innovative and Effective Practice Reports will be published in varying formats to learn the most productive and efficient ways to communicate evidence-based research to our Utah stakeholders. Initially, reports will be listed alphabetically in one of the following formats:

  • Best Practices (e.g., current evidence-based practices)
  • Infographics (e.g., key findings displayed graphically)
  • Literature Reviews (e.g., longer research synthesis relying on peer reviewed journals)
  • Primary Research (e.g., new ULEAD initiated academic study)
  • Research Briefs (e.g., concise research summaries)

Differentiated Instruction: A Best Practices Report

Early Warning Systems and Multi-Tiered Systems of Support to Promote College and Career-Readiness

Effective Design for Summer Learning Programs

Establishing Effective School-Community Partnerships (coming soon)

Experiences that Prepare Effective Principals

Exploring Competency-based Education

Factors influencing Student Learning

Literacy Instruction in Primary Grades, A Best Practices Report

Managing to Support Learning Toolkit

Practicing Visionary Leadership Toolkit

Promoting Effective Teaching and Learning Toolkit

School Counseling, A Best Practices Report

School Safety and Security, A Best Practices Report

Social-Emotional Learning, A Best Practices Report

Stakeholder Needs Assessment Survey Analysis

Teacher Recruitment and Retention, A Best Practices Report


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