Positive Outliers


This webpage is a part of the Utah Leading through Effective, Actionable, and Dynamic (ULEAD) Education Clearinghouse. The information associated with this page highlights the noticeable positive influence of educators across the state of Utah. While there are many variables that contribute to differentiated outcomes for students, these determinations are made to encourage collaborative work with similar student populations. When objectively measurable innovative, effective, and/or efficient practices are identified through this process, a promising practices report will be published, and additional research will be considered.

2017-2018 Positive Outliers

Using the experience and expertise of the research consultants working in the Data and Statistics division of the Utah State Board of Education, an analysis is underway to determine the overall and over-time positive learning outcomes for students in various schools across the state. Using standardized scaled scores from statewide accountability measures for students attending a full academic year in the same school, it is possible to determine schools that appear to have a better than average positive influence on student learning. The data is also stratified by poverty levels in the school community to enable the sharing of best practices with similar student populations.

As schools are identified within the following poverty (free/reduced lunch) bands, 0-10%, 11-35%, 36-55%, 56-75%, and 76% or higher, additional analysis will take place to determine the potential source(s) of the unique positive influence(s) on student learning. The descriptive evidence and data collected through this process will be linked to this webpage. The first actionable determinations should be available prior to June 2019.