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Utah Program Improvement Planning System for Special Education (UPIPS)
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2009-2010 Utah Average Special Education Expenditures per Student

Special Education Prevalence Rates

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Fiscal Compliance and Accountability Requirements Overview and Authority

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act  (IDEA), Part B Fiscal Rules and Grants Management Requirements

Special Education Fiscal Accountability and Restricted Use of Funds Finance
Technical Assistance Paper

Special Education Fiscal Monitoring IDEA State Level Activity Grants

Intensive Services

Intensive Services Fund (2017-2018)

LEA Maintenance of Fiscal Effort (MOE)

Technical Assistance Paper:


Fiscal Compliance, Accountability, and Monitoring (FiCAM) Technical Assistance Manual
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Private School


Questions and Answers on Serving Children with Disabilities Placed by Their Parents in Private Schools (2011)

Presentation: IDEA and Proportionate Share (2010)

Proportionate Share Calculator

Provisions Related to Children with Disabilities Enrolled by Their Parents in Private Schools


Fiscal Compliance and Accountability Timelines

State Funding

Extended Year for Special Educator Stipends

For 2017-2018, each Special Education Teacher, Special Education Preschool Teacher, and Speech Language Pathologist may work up to 4.5 extra days. Note that this is a total of 4.5 days before and 4.5 days after the school year.

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Utah Program Improvement Planning System for Special Education (UPIPS)
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