Special Education: Strong Start


Strong Start Academy is a program for special education directors in new charter schools and new special education directors. It is also designed to provide extra supports to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) whose Results Driven Accountability (RDA) Tier is either Coaching or Directing. The program is designed to provide an intense level of support from the Utah State Board of Education, special education department. The Utah State Board of Education provides LEAs with a Strong Start mentor, professional development, and ongoing support throughout the year.

Strong Start will provide assistance during the coming year of operation by:

  • Providing an understanding of RDA
  • Providing targeted support to the LEAs in order to implement start-up activities and  training for compliance
  • Providing professional development sessions to special education directors
  • Providing an assigned Utah State Board of Education contracted mentor to give specific support over the course of the school year
  • Connecting the LEA with the Utah State Board of Education departments and resources
  • Outlining Fiscal responsibilities
  • Outlining State and Federal responsibilities


Lindsey Adams 
Results Driven Accountability (RDA)
Utah Program Improvement Planning
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