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Board of Education Procurement:

Current Status: Draft 1 approved on third and final reading

Charter School Timelines and Approval Processes:

Current Status: Draft 1 approved on third and final reading


R277-725 (Repeal)
Electronic High School:

Current Status: The Board approved to repeal R277-725 at the March 15, 2018 meeting.


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January 13

R277-118 (New)
Board of Education Revolving Door Restrictions:

  • R277-118 (With Changes Incorporated)
  • R277-118 (Considered and Approved by the full Utah State Board of Education (USBE) on Third and Final Reading)

R277-417 (Amendment)
Prohibiting Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and Third Party Providers from Offering Incentives or Reimbursements for Enrollment or Participation:

  • R277-417 (With Changes Incorporated)
  • R277-417 (With Changes)
  • R277-417 (Considered and Approved by the full USBE on Third and Final Reading)

R277-702 (Amendment)
Procedures for the Utah High School Completion Diploma:

  • R277-702 (With Changes Incorporated)
  • R277-702 (With Changes)
  • R277-702 (Considered and Approved by the full USBE on Third and Final Reading)

R277-717 (New)
High School Course Grading Requirements:

  • R277-717 (With Changes Incorporated)

R277-801 (New)
Services for Students with Sensory Impairments:

  • R277-801 (With Changes Incorporated)


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March 13

R277-479 (Continuation)
Charter School Special Education Student Funding Formula

R277-483 (Repeal)
Persistently Dangerous Schools

R277-615 (Continuation and Amendment)
Standards and Procedures for Student Searches:

  • R277-615 (With Changes Incorporated)
  • R277-615 (With Changes)

R277-211-6 (Amendment)
Proposed Consent to Discipline:

  • R277-211-6 (With Changes Incorporated)
  • R277-211-6 (With Changes)

R277-612 (Continuation and Amendment)
Foreign Exchange Students:

  • R277-612 (With Changes Incorporated)
  • R277-612 (With Changes)


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June 2

R277-101 (Amendment and Continuation)
Utah State Board of Education (USBE) Procedures:

  • R277-101 (With Changes Incorporated)
  • R277-101 (With Changes)

R277-103 (Repeal)
USBE Government Records and Management Act

R277-111 (Repeal)
Sharing of Curriculum Materials by Public School Educators

R277-115 (Repeal)
Material Developed with State Public Education Funds

R277-120 (New)
Licensing of Material Developed with Public Education Funds:

  • R277-120 (With Changes Incorporated)
  • R277-120 (With Changes)

R277-408 (Repeal) 
Grants for Online Testing

R277-410 (Amendment and Continuation)
Accreditation of Schools:

  • R277-410 (With Changes Incorporated)
  • R277-410 (With Changes)

R277-460 (Amendment and Continuation)
Distribution of Substance Abuse Prevention Account:

  • R277-460 (With Changes Incorporated)
  • R277-460 (With Changes)

R277-467 (Repeal)
Distribution of Funds Appropriated for Library Media Materials and Electronic Resources

R277-479 (Amendment)
Charter School Special Education Student Funding Formula:

  • R277-479 (With Changes Incorporated)
  • R277-479 (With Changes)

R277-484  (Amendment and Continuation)
Data Standards:

  • R277-484 (With Changes Incorporated)
  • R277-484 (With Changes)

R277-485 (Amendment and Continuation)
Loss of Enrollment:

  • R277-485 (With Changes Incorporated)
  • R277-485 (With Changes)

R277-489 (Amendment and Continuation)
Early Intervention Program:

  • R277-489 (With Changes Incorporated)
  • 277-489 (With Changes)

R277-493 (New)
Kindergarten Supplemental Enrichment Program:

  • R277-493 (With Changes Incorporated)
  • R277-493 (With Changes)

R277-514 (New)
Deaf Education in Public Schools:

  • R277-514 (With Changes Incorporated)
  • R277-514 (With Changes)

R277-520 (Amendment and Continuation)
Appropriate Licensing and Assignment of Teachers:

  • R277-520 (With Changes Incorporated)
  • R277-520 (With Changes)

R277-531 (Amendment)
Public Educator Evaluation Requirements (PEER):

  • R277-531 (With Changes Incorporated)
  • R277-531 (With Changes)

R277-533 (Amendment)
District Educator Evaluation Systems:

  • R277-533 (With Changes Incorporated)
  • R277-533 (With Changes)

R277-609-4 (Amendment)
Standards for Local Education Agency (LEA) Discipline Plans and Emergency Safety Interventions: LEA Responsibilities to Develop Plans:

  • R277-609-4 (With Changes Incorporated)
  • R277-609-4 (With Changes)

R277-618 (Repeal)
Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) Pilot Program

R277-720 (Repeal)
Child Nutrition Programs (CNP)

R277-733 (Amendment and Continuation)
Adult Education Programs:

  • R277-733 (With Changes Incorporated)
  • R277-733 (With Changes)

R277-735 (Amendment and Continuation)
Corrections Education Programs:

  • R277-735 (With Changes Incorporated)
  • R277-735 (With Changes)

R277-911 (Continuation and Amendment)
Secondary Career and Technical Education:

  • R277-911 (With Changes Incorporated)
  • R277-911 (With Changes)

R277-923 (Amendment)
American Indian and Alaskan Native Education State Plan Pilot Programs

  • R277-923 (With Changes Incorporated)
  • R277-923 (With Changes)


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September 8

R277-420 (Amendment and Continuation)
Aiding Financially Distressed School Districts:

R277-423 (Repeal)
Delivery of Flow Through Money:

R277-424 (Amendment and Continuation)
Indirect Costs for State Programs:

R277-426 (Amendment and Continuation)
Definition of Private and Non-Profit Schools for Federal Program Services:

R277-454 (Continuation)
Construction Management of School Building Projects:

R277-474 (Amendment and Continuation)
School Instruction and Human Sexuality:

R277-502 (Amendment)
Educator Licensing and Data Retention:


October 12

R277-419 (Amendment)
Pupil Accounting:


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