Former Licensing Programs

Academic Pathway to Teaching (APT)

The window for accepting APT applications closed November 1, 2019. APT applications will no longer be accepted. Currently employed APT participants will continue with their Local Education Agency (LEA) APT training until the three academic years expire.

The Utah State Board of Education is revising some licensing processes that discontinues the APT Program. Refer to the Utah Office of Administrative Rules R277-303: Educator Preparation Programs that takes effect July 1, 2020 for details. Please review the APT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for additional clarification.

Post-Hire Instructions

APT Post-Hire Instructions

  1. LEA provides a teacher leader and develops a teacher training/mentor plan that will prepare the license holder to meet the Utah Effective Teaching Standards.
  2. LEA will work with the license holder to help them complete the Entry Years Enhancement (E.Y.E.) upgrade requirements.
  3. A license holder must teach full-time for three years, or four years of at least 0.4 Full-Time Equivalency (FTE).
  4. Upgrade submission procedures are done manually using the APT Upgrade Application, including a brief summary of the teacher training/mentor plan and a letter from the LEA administrator specifically recommending the individual for upgrade to a Standard Level 2 Utah Educator License.

Alternate Route to Licensure (ARL)

The ARL Program is no longer accepting educators.

Current ARL candidates who are in good standing and teaching in at least one content-eligible area will be awarded an Associate Educator License, expiring June 30, 2023. Current ARL participants employed with an ARL Professional Growth Plan (PGP) will continue in ARL until their PGP expires. If the ARL participant has not completed the PGP requirements, ARL participants may choose to switch to their district-hosted Educator Preparation Program or to finish their PGP through ARL.

General Questions:

Licensing Questions: Phone: (801) 538-7740


Level 1/Entry Years Enhancement (E.Y.E.)

The Level 1 License has been retired. These educators now hold a Professional Educator License. To upgrade from the former Level 1 to a state Professional Educator License, the educator must show a minimum of 100 professional learning points in their current renewal cycle (or within the most recent three (3) years if the license is expired).

Entry Years Enhancement (E.Y.E.) Brochure: Utah’s Support and Enhancement Program for Level 1 Educators

Currently, educators with less than 3 years of experience are required to participate in the Mentoring Program.

Please refer to the Utah Effective Teaching Standards on the Utah State Board of Education Educator Development website.