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Comprehensive Administration of Credentials for Teachers in Utah Schools (CACTUS)

2021-2022 Percentages by Full-time Equivalency (FTE) and Qualifications

Assignment Requirements for Teachers

School Year (SY) 2021-2022 Core Code Changes
Utah State Board of Education CACTUS Course Codes and Approval

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Local Education Agency (LEA)-Specific

An LEA-Specific educator license, including areas of concentration and endorsements, is issued by the state board at the request of an LEA’s governing body (example: local school board) that is valid for an employee to fill a position in the LEA if other licensing routes for the applicant are untenable or unreasonable. The LEA governing board agrees to provide the documentation and support outlined in the Utah Office of Administrative Rules R277-301-7: LEA-specific Educator License Requirements.

Application Requirements

  1. Initiate a Utah State Board of Education Fingerprint Background Check at Educator Licensing Online. Background checks done for an LEA in Utah are not accepted.
  2. To obtain your Comprehensive Administration of Credentials for Teachers in Utah Schools (CACTUS) number, please go to to create a Utah Education Network (UEN) account, 24 hours after initiating a background check. When you log in to your UEN account, you are able to enter your CACTUS record.
  3. Complete an Educator Ethics Review at Educator Licensing Online.
  4. For Special Education Only: Create Massively Integrated Data Analytics System (MIDAS) account and register for MIDAS 59403 (Use the e-mail address of your CACTUS record for your login identification number).
    Complete SpEd Law Training Required for LEA-Specific and Associate SpEd License Areas at 80% or better (use the e-mail address of your CACTUS record for your login identification number)

LEA Requirements

  1. LEA Adopts Policy for LEA-Specific Licenses
  2. Public Meeting of Governing Body Approving LEA-Specific Licenses
  3. Letter of Request and Assurances to Superintendent on Official Letterhead
  4. Post Educator Data in CACTUS
  5. Submit Official Request to

Local Education Agency (LEA) Specific (LEA-S) License and Endorsement Procedures

School Year (SY) 2021-2022 LEA-Specific Requests

Special Education and Related Service Providers Educator Licensing (Effective August 2021)
Utah State Board of Education Special Education Directors


Eminence Designation Guidelines

  1. Eminence exists as a designation for an educator who has less than 37% of their Full Time Employee (FTE).
  2. Eminence is requested by an LEA and is processed the same as LEA-Specific (LEA-S).
  3. Educator must have a current Utah State Board of Education Educator Ethics Review and Educator Background Check.


Apply for an Educator License

International Guest Teacher (IGT)

If an educator who was an IGT (on a J-1 visa), but will now be on an H1-B visa:

  1. An educator needs to complete the following:
    1. Educator Ethics Review
    2. Educator Background Check or is in Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Rapback
    3. Professional Educator License Renewal Form with 100 hours
    4. Utah Student Data Privacy Education Course on Canvas
    5. Online Renewal Process
  2. Requesting Local Education Agency (LEA) will submit certified copies of educator's original/official transcripts to the Utah State Board of Education via e-mail:
    2. Subject line should read H1-B Request