Students and Parents


Students are eligible to earn middle or high school credits through SOEP if they:

  • are enrolled in a public school in Utah, or
  • attend a private school or home school in Utah and have a custodial parent or guardian who is a resident of Utah. 

Student Enrollment, Approval and Tracking System (SEATS) 

Sign Up and Register

Registration Deadlines
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The Registration Process

  1. Students can work with their school counselor to decide what courses best fit their educational needs.
  2. Registration is a 2 Part Process. 
  3. After the student has enrolled in both SEATS and with the selected Online Provider, the Local Education Agency (LEA) and the Online Provider will approve the course(s).
  4. The student is now able to begin the course(s) on the start date scheduled by the Online Provider
  5. At the successful completion of the course(s) the Online Provider will provide an official transcript to the primary (in-person) school to have the course entered in the student's official school transcript.

If the LEA does not approve the course within 9 business days, the SOEP will automatically approve the course.

Students need to sign up for classes 1 or 2 months before the term begins so that the approval process does not hinder their ability to meet enrollment deadlines and start dates for coursework.

Middle School

SOEP allows Utah students, grades 7 and 8, public, private, or home schooled, that are not regularly enrolled in an Online School, the opportunity to take middle school courses from accredited Online Provider.

This program allows students to take courses that meet their individual education needs and/or provides flexibility in their in-person schedule. Courses fulfill middle school requirements only, and do not earn credit toward graduation. If you desire courses to earn graduation requirements, please refer to the High School tab.

Examples of Classes Offered

Grade 7

Art Foundations 1
College and Career Awareness
Integrated Science
Language Arts
Physical Education
Utah Studies

Grade 8

Digital Literacy
Health Education
Integrated Science
Language Arts
United States History 1

Grade 7 and 8 students may take up to 6 SOEP credit hours. This can be comprised of middle school courses, high school courses, or a combination of both. Students enrolled in their primary location school will have programs such as sports and clubs provided by their primary school. Those types of services are not handled by the online provider.

High School

Any grade 7 through 12 students in Utah, are eligible to take High School courses through the SOEP program.

Students can work with their school counselor to decide what courses best fit their educational needs. Students may take more credits than are typically allowed in a school year with an Early Graduation Plan (EGP). Students may enroll in up to 8 credits of online courses. Students do not qualify for services from a provider for things such as sports, clubs, and graduation.

Examples of Classes Offered

Fine Arts

Art History

Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science

AP Classes
Earth Science
Honors Classes


ACT Prep
Drivers Education
Marine Science
Personal Leadership
Study Skills

World Languages

American Sign Language (ASL)

Examples of CTE Classes Offered

Animal Science
Child Development
Computer Gaming
Computer Programing
Fashion Design
Forensic Science
Hospitality and Travel
Interior Design
Medical Anatomy and Physiology
Medical Terminology
Web Design

The SOEP program works with different providers. Each one has their own list of classes. You can find individual classes on each provider website.