Student Enrollment, Approval and Tracking System (SEATS)

SEATS is a system the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) uses to build contracts between a student's primary school and an SOEP online education provider. An online education provider (typically another school) uses SEATS to indicate that it qualifies for payment for a particular course by marking the course as Pass in this system.

Grades and credits are recorded in two other systems:

  • one at the school level and;
  • one at the state level.

The SEATS system does not give grades. Students can only receive a Pass or Fail in SEATS.

The online education provider will send a transcript with the letter grade to the Parent/Guardian and the Primary School. The Primary school will then record the letter grade in their Student Information System (SIS) on the student’s permanent record.

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Register - Create a New Account

How to Register for a SEATS Account | How to Register for Classes on SEATS

Status Meaning

Pending Execution

By law, the Primary School District/Charter school is guaranteed 72 business hours (roughly two weeks) to review the student's course request. Counselors and Providers are contacted automatically when a student applies through SEATS. If the Primary school does not accept the application within those 72 business hours, then the application will automatically be accepted. Plan ahead and don't wait until the last minute to register for classes!

Once registration is complete in SEATS an email will be sent to confirm the registration. Students will need to also register on the Online Provider's website. This Co-Registration must be done all classes.

Applications of students that fail to respond to Provider Co-Registration communications will be closed without further action. If you do not receive any communication, please contact or go directly to the provider's website and fill out an enrollment form. You might be asked to select part-time out-of-district as an option.

Awaiting Confirmation

Your application has been accepted. You have not started the class yet.


You have started your class.


You have passed the class.

Your letter grade will be sent to your counselor and your guardian on an official transcript. The USBE Administrative Rule requires the online provider issue that transcript to you within 30 days of a student's completion of coursework. No letter grade is reported through SEATS.