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Student Course Core Codes

The following generic codes can be used to enter SEATS students into the Aspire Student Information System (SIS).  Comprehensive Administration of Credentials for Teachers in Utah Schools (CACTUS) Identification (ID) Numbers are listed below.

SOEP Arizona State University (ASU) Prep Digital Powered by Juab School District
Couse Code: 25-01-00-00-054
Type: Student
CACTUS ID : 769329
Name: SOEP
Social Security Number: xxx-xx-5005

SOEP Canyons District
Course Code: 25-01-00-00-051
Type: Student
CACTUS ID: 769326
Name: SOEP
Social Security Number: xxx-xx-5002

SOEP Leadership Academy of Utah
Course Code: 25-01-00-00-053
Type: Student
CACTUS ID: 769328
Name: SOEP
Social Security Number: xxx-xx-5004

SOEP Mountain Heights Academy
Course Code: 25-01-00-00-055
Type: Student
CACTUS ID: 7639330
Name: SOEP
Social Security Number: xxx-xx-5006

SOEP Success Academy Online
Course Code: 25-01-00-00-056
Type: Student
CACTUS ID: 7639331
Name: SOEP
Social Security Number: xxx-xx-5007 

SOEP Utah Virtual Academy
Course Code: 25-01-00-00-052
Type: Student
CACTUS ID: 769327
Name: SOEP
Social Security Number: xxx-xx-5003

SOEP Washington (Utah Online)
Course Code: 25-01-00-00-050
Type: Student
CACTUS ID: 769325
Name: SOEP
Social Security Number: xxx-xx-5001

Note: Use of the generic CACTUS ID Number will result in a fatal error unless the student is marked as a SOEP student with the correct Instructional Environment code.