Milkin Photos 2008

Welcome to McPolin Elementary in Park City, Utah. It is October 28, 2008 and we are coming to see a Red Ribbon Week Safety Program! Or are we???

We even invited the motorcycle police officers!

The singing performance was beautiful!

To welcome us here was McPolin's very own principal, Bob Edmiston. Here you see him introducing then shaking hands with Park City Superintendent, Ray Timothy. (Right)

Then Park City Superintendent Ray Timothy speaks a little on how safety is important. Remember, this is about safety!

State Superintendent Patti Harrington speaks to the crowd about how well they are doing at McPolin Elementary!

Then Superintendent Harrington introduces this guy. Who is he? I don't think he is here for safety week, NOPE. He is Executive Vice President of the Milken Family Foundation and he is here for something BIG!

He is here to award an unsuspecting teacher with $25,000!

Who could it be in there?

Ohhhhhhhhhh, ITS ME!

I need a hug!!!!!

First of all I would like to thank my mom! (Yes, her mom, she happens to be there because she also works there) THANKS MOM!

See mom, it really has my name on it! (left to right) Principal Bob Edmiston, Park City Superintendent Ray Timothy, Melissa Bott, and State Superintendent Patti Harrington

I love my kids, I love my kids!!!

Congratulations Melissa! And remember, safety is VERY important!