Educator Endorsements

Endorsement Applications

To be eligible for an endorsement area, you must already have a current Utah Educator License, or include form(s) with your Out-of-State (OOS) or Alternative Routes to Licensure (ARL) Application Packet. The endorsement applications are also used to submit for a State Approved Endorsement Plan (SAEP).

State Approved Endorsement Plan (SAEP)

An SAEP is a two-year plan to allow an educator to earn an endorsement while teaching in the area. To be eligible for an SAEP, an educator must meet the following criteria before submitting an Endorsement application.

  • Have a current standard Utah Educator License.
  • Document completion of at least nine (9) credits towards completion of the endorsement from an original university transcript.
  • Assignment posted in Comprehensive Administration of Credentials for Teachers in Utah Schools (CACTUS) for appropriate endorsement area by employing Local Education Agency (LEA).
  • Submit the appropriate Endorsement application and transcripts, please indicate it is for an SAEP.