Local Education Agency (LEA) Alternate Pathway to Professional Educator License (APPEL)


The resources on this page are intended for Utah districts and charter schools. If you are an individual seeking licensure in Utah, go to Associate Educator License (AEL).

Local Education Agencies (LEAs), please utilize the following resources in preparing your application to become an approved APPEL program provider. Additional resources will be added in the future.

APPEL Program Approval Application

APPEL Program Application Guidance

APPEL LEA Model Program Framework 2020

APPEL LEA Program Approval Application 2020

APPEL Utah State Board of Education Approved Programs


APPEL Program Schedule Guidance

Utah Pedagogical Performance Assessment Standards

Recorded Resources
APPEL Boot Camp/Application Assistance Webinar

Utah State Board of Education (USBE) Alternative Routes to Licensure (ARL's) Personal Room-20200323 1930-1
Utah Education Network (UEN) Webex

Completed program approval applications should be e-mailed in a PDF format to appel@schools.utah.gov.