Optional Enhanced Kindergarten (OEK) Grant


The purpose of the OEK Program is to provide districts/charters with the financial resources to administer an evidence-based, academic kindergarten program focused on literacy and mathematics, targeting academically at-risk students, and delivered through additional hours.

Application and Due Dates

If you are a district, please submit the application along with an abstract and budget narrative into Utah Grants. If you are a charter school, please upload the application into Utah Charter Access Point (UCAP). As a reminder, these funds are competitive for charter schools. The State Charter School Board (SCSB) will award each qualifying classroom $30,000.


Due on August 15 by 5 p.m.


$24,455,000 in ongoing funds.

The Utah State Board of Education (USBE) will distribute funds to eligible school districts by determining the number of students eligible to receive free lunch in the prior school year for each school district and prorating the remaining funds based on the number of students eligible to receive free lunch in each school district.

The USBE will distribute funds to eligible charter schools based on a formula identifying the percentage of students in public schools and the percentage of students with the greatest need for an enhanced kindergarten program.

Allowable funding uses:

  • the salary and benefits for individuals teaching and supporting enhanced kindergarten programs
  • evidence -based intervention curriculum

This funding cannot be used for:

  • the purchase of property
  • the purchase of student materials or supplies
  • the purchase of equipment
  • technology or devices


R277-489: Kindergarten Entry and Exit Assessment. Enhanced Kindergarten Program
USBE Administrative Rules

Title 53F-2-507: Full-Day Kindergarten
Utah State Legislature



Utah Grants
Help Line: (801) 538-7604
Help E-mail: utahgrants@schools.utah.gov


UCAP Account Login
Your director will need to submit their OEK application here. 


Christine Elegante
Education Specialist
K-3 Literacy
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Marie Steffensen
Authorization and Support Specialist
Utah State Charter Board
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