Interventions for Reading Difficulties Grant


The Interventions for Reading Difficulties Program is designed to achieve three goals:

  1. Improve reading outcomes for students in grades K-5 that receive the intervention, 
  2. reduce the need for a student to be referred for possible special education services, and 
  3. improve the effectiveness of the professional development provided to educators.

Application and Due Dates

Local Education Agencies (LEAs) will apply to participate and receive up to $30,000 total per school (up to five schools) within an LEA. Chosen LEAs will receive appropriated funds associated with the LEAs plan for professional learning, implementation of interventions, and ongoing coaching and support related to the grant for 3 years. Applications for this grant program will be initially scored by an expert committee. The highest scoring applications will be recommended to the Board for final approval.


Estimated available funds each year is $330,000. This funding is intended to develop and build high-quality reading intervention instructional supports and programs that serve general education populations. This is a reimbursement grant.

Allowable Funding Uses:

  • Salaries
  • Benefits
  • Travel/Transportation
  • Equipment
  • Materials and Supplies
  • Professional Learning
  • Professional Fees/Contract Services

This funding cannot be used for:

  • Capital outlay or building projects
  • Student enrollment
  • Ongoing program costs that will not be supported by the program after the grant funding end
  • Food (with the exception of travel)
  • Equipment that will used by administrators (equipment must directly support student instruction)


Title 53F-5-203: Interventions for Reading Difficulties Program
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