Program Approval


Work-Based Learning programs offered in Utah's public education system must meet state program standards.

Assurances Checklist

Utah State Board of Education (USBE) Rule R277-916-6 states, “Work-Based Learning (WBL) shall be integrated into all levels of the education delivery system and shall be coordinated within the cones of the district and between regions.”

For purposes of this document, the following definition will apply to Work-Based Learning programs:

  • Work-Based Learning is a coherent sequence of career awareness, exploration, job training and workplace experience activities that are coordinated with school-based learning activities.
  • There are Work-Based Learning activities appropriate for every grade level, K-12, to support students in developing career awareness, exploring career options, developing appropriate workplace skills and relating academic skills to real world applications.

This checklist is part of the annual Work-Based Learning Funding Application. It serves a dual purpose of self-evaluation to determine program strengths and weaknesses and to provide information to the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) in order to meet technical assistance needs. This checklist will also be discussed when district/charter school and/or USBE staff make program approval monitoring visits to the schools.

Work-Based Learning Evaluation Document: Assurances Checklist

Achievement Ratings

Using the Achievement Ratings Scale, circle the number that best describes the degree to which your school meets the quality indicators for the program standards.

4 – indicates Superior quality
Commendations will be made at the discretion of the program specialist.

3 – indicates Good quality
Comments will be made at the discretion of the program specialist.

2 – indicates Minor Improvement needed
Suggestions for program improvement will be made by the program specialist.

1 – indicates Major Improvement needed
The program is required to prepare and submit a CTE Improvement Plan to address program deficiencies.


Program Quality Indicators

Standard 1
The current local board has approved the Work-Based Learning program. The Board also supports the use of the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) sponsored Work-Based Learning (WBL) Manual, endorsement criteria, coordinator standards document and partnership training agreements.

Standard 2
All instructors are licensed and appropriately endorsed. This includes attendance at required trainings as well as summer conferences.

Standard 3
WBL interacts with parents, the community, and the school. A three–five year plan is in place with approval of the above groups. The WBL Coordinator attends cone meetings, school council meetings, community councils, etc. at least twice a year.

Standard 4
Needs assessments are conducted as needed.

Standard 5
Skill grids are used with all students to evaluation activities, preparation and participation on sites.

Standard 6
WBL programs integrate CTE Pathways; CTE Introduction coordination (meeting at each junior/middle school team twice a year); elementary career awareness (when possible); and secondary career exploration and preparation activities.

Standard 7
WBL programs are developed in coordination with IEP/SEP/SEOP/504 requirements. All students meeting school requirements are accepted into the program.

Standard 8
Insure that students of different gender, race, color, national origin and disabilities are given equal opportunity for participation in Work-Based Learning activities.

Standard 9
Demonstrate coordination with employers and with other school/community development activities.

Standard 10
Verify that state Work-Based Learning funds are supporting Work-Based Learning personnel, that state funds are matched by the local recipient of funds, and that sufficient budget for Work-Based Learning personnel facilities, materials, equipment and support staff is available. (CTE Director)

Standard 11
Work-Based Learning personnel complete state-sponsored Work-Based Learning coordinator basic training; participates in ongoing professional development activities including USBE Summer Conference; and appropriate professional associations.

Standard 12
Work-Based Learning personnel to participate in state and district/charter school data collection and reporting.