Safety and Program Management

Safety and Program Management Guide

This publication has been prepared as a guide for safety in the Agricultural Education, Skilled and Technical Sciences Education, and Technology and Engineering Education labs. The development of a safety program will limit the risk of accidents for students and instructors.

The guide should be used by administrators, supervisors, and instructors to ensure that the laboratory-based activities and experiences of students will be as risk-free as possible.

Safety Program and Management Guide

Safety Practices and Procedures

General Safety Test, Spanish (Pages 85-88)

Safety Unit Information Sheet, Spanish (Pages 83-85)

Note: The answer key is available for school use. Please contact Jonathan Frey via e-mail at with your request. Provide teacher name, school name, and school phone number.

Teaching and Testing

Common School Shop Safety Violations

Professionalism, Integrity, Effort, Respect, and Safety (PIERS) Safety Retraining
Dr. Dale R. Derrickson: Retrain students who have had a safety violation concerns.

Sample General Safety Test

Online Connections

The goal of the CareerSafe program is to teach younger workers how to stay safe in the workplace and begin to prepare these young men and women for a safe and prosperous future in their chosen career.

National Institute for Safety and Health (NIOSH)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
The federal agency responsible for conducting research and making recommendations for the prevention of work-related injury and illness. NIOSH has developed a safety checklist program for schools.

Power Tool Institute (PTI)
With the vision to unify and educate others about power tools, the Power Tool Institute (PTI) has established itself as the pre-eminent organization for building global understanding of power tools and for maintaining high standards of safety and quality control in the industry.

Power Tool Institute (PTI) Safety Education
Safety information from the Power Tool Institute.

Power Tool Institute (PTI) Safety Videos
Safety videos from the Power Tool Institute.

Vermont Safety Information Resources, Inc.
Every lab or shop is required to have a readily accessible file containing Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all hazardous chemicals and materials used in the facility. Use this site to search online database of material safety data sheets.