Board Committees

Standing Committee Assignments

Audit Committee

Brittney Cummins, Chair
Janet Cannon, Vice Chair
Cindy Davis
Scott Hansen
Mark Huntsman
Staff: Debbie Davis, Chief Audit Executive
Secretary: Jennifer Tolman

Finance Committee

Laura Belnap, Chair
Scott Neilson, Vice Chair
Michelle Boulter
Mark Huntsman
Shawn Newell
Staff: Scott Jones, Deputy Superintendent of Operations
Secretary: Cammy Wilcox

Law and Licensing Committee

Carol Lear, Chair
Cindy Davis, Vice Chair
Brittney Cummins
Mike Haynes
Laurieann Thorpe
Staff: Angie Stallings, Deputy Superintendent of Policy
Secretary: Kathy Helgesen

Standards and Assessment Committee

Jennifer Graviet, Chair
Mark Marsh, Vice Chair
Janet Cannon
Jeannie Earl
Scott Hansen
Staff: Patty Norman, Deputy Superintendent of Student Achievement
Secretary: Noralee Green