Congratulations on making the decision to prepare and take the GED® Test! Millions of people have taken the GED® Tests in preparation for their future, to continue their education, or improve employment opportunities.

Utah Adult Education programs increase personal and professional success options by providing test preparation instruction in the four content areas of the GED® Test, which include:

  • Reasoning through Language Arts
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Science
  • Social Studies

Successful passing of the GED® Test can open the door to future education, employment, and self-sufficiency.

Utah State Board of Education Adult Education Services Directory of Utah Adult Education Programs 2019-2020


What is the GED® Test

The GED® Test measures the major and lasting outcomes and concepts associated with a traditional four-year high school education. In Utah, the GED® Test is offered in English and Spanish. The complete GED® Test takes approximately 8 hours to complete and tests may be taken over multiple testing sessions.

Who is Eligible

Anyone who is 18 years of age or older whose high school class has graduated is eligible to take the GED® Test. Anyone ages 16-18 whose class has not graduated is eligible to take the GED® Test with the following requirements:

16 year-old applicants:

  • Must access a Utah state-sponsored adult education program for verification of academic readiness necessary to take the GED® Tests. Verification by an adult education program is not a guarantee that the test-taker will pass the tests.

16-18 Year-Old Applicants:

  • Must contact the school or district last attended to obtain and complete the Adult Education Enrollment and GED® Registration Form. The signatures on this form indicate the student has been formally withdrawn from the K-12 education system.
  • Test Registration/Computer-Based Test (CBT): Must submit a copy of the form to the adult education program to release registration record. The GED® Testing registration process cannot be continued until this step is completed.

School districts do not have the authority to delay or deny access to the GED® Test if the test-taker meets the eligibility requirements. This is inclusive of correctional facilities, detention centers and jails providing education services under the direction of the local school district's board of education.

School-age GED® Test-takers who have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) are eligible for Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) regardless of successfully obtaining a GED® and the resulting Utah High School Completion Diploma.

School-age GED® Test-takers whose class has not graduated who do not pass all four of the GED® Test modules may return to a K-12 program of instruction and will be required to complete all necessary graduation requirements for a traditional K-12 diploma.

Out-of-State test-takers age 16-18 years of age may use the Adult Education Enrollment and GED® Registration Form and a current government issued photo ID or bring the following two letters to a Utah Adult Education program for registration release:

  • Letter 1 (on letterhead) from last school attended or school district stating that the candidate is formally withdrawn from a K-12 program of instruction.
  • Letter 2 from parent/guardian granting permission for the candidate to take the GED® Tests.
    Note: A marriage certificate may be used in lieu of a parent/guardian letter.

Incarcerated test-takers do not need withdrawal applications, but cannot be participating in any K-12 education programs.

Residential treatment/special purpose schools, including Job Corps:

  • Test-takers are required to have parent/guardian signature granting permission to take the GED® Test. Permission must be obtained prior to the GED® Test registration. Testing centers may accept a faxed copy of the Adult Education Enrollment and GED® Registration Form signed by the parent/guardian attached to an original application as proof of parental/guardian permission;
  • Students who are 16 must comply with all requirements for 16-year-old applicants.

Note: When all four of the GED® Test modules are passed, the test-taker may not be re-enrolled in a residential treatment/special purpose or Job Corps K-12 educational program of instruction as the successful passing of the GED® Test in the state of Utah is a Utah High School Completion Diploma.

Residency is not a requirement for a GED® test-taker to take the GED® Test.

Branches of the military may or may not accept GED® credentials for enlistment. GED® Test-takers are strongly advised to contact the military recruiters to see what the current policies are prior to taking the GED® Test.

Note: When all modules of the GED® Test are passed the test-taker may not enroll in an adult education program to pursue an Adult Education Secondary Diploma.

Cost and Registration


$120 for full test (4 test modules) or $30 per individual test module.


GED® Testing Service
Please complete your registration online on your personal account.


Authentication of GED® Test Documents/Apostille Certification

The Office of the Utah Lieutenant Governor

Foreign countries may require some documents to be authenticated prior to processing. In this case the test-taker must contact and work through the Utah Lieutenant Governor's Office, Notary Division.


An official score report and Utah High School Completion Diploma are issued to all Utah test-takers who pass all four GED® test modules directly through their GED® account.

Duplicate High School Completion Diplomas, Test Transcripts, and Scores

Request Your Transcript
GED® Testing Service

To order duplicate diplomas, certificates and/or transcript/score reports.


Exchange Form for GED® Certificate to Utah High School Completion Diploma

Persons passing the GED® Test between January 1, 2002 and June 30, 2009, may exchange the GED® Certificate for a Utah High School Completion Diploma by completing this form.

GED® Third Party Verification

Parchment Exchange

To request a GED® Transcript/Score Report of an individual on behalf of an employer or college.

If you work for a prison or corrections institution and are requesting for an inmate, please fax requests (including a request form and educational information release form) to (801) 538-7882. If your agency does not have its own request form, please call (801) 538-7509 to request a copy of our Corrections Request Form.

Records Name Change

Name Change Form for GED® Test Certificate/Transcript

Persons who would like to request a copy of their transcript with a legal name change must submit documentation using this form.

Test Preparation

Adult Education programs located throughout the state of Utah offer face-to-face instruction in the day or evening. Programs are offered for free or at low-cost. Refer to the Utah State Board of Education Adult Education Services Directory of Utah Adult Education Programs 2019-2020.

GED® preparation materials may be obtained from libraries, book stores, online, and at UtahFutures (College and Career Planning).