Enhancement for At-Risk Students (EARS)


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Enhancement for At-Risk Students (EARS)

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Gang Prevention

The Utah State Board of Education (USBE) appropriated 1.2 million dollars from the appropriation for Enhancement for At-Risk Students Program for a gang prevention and intervention program designed to help students at-risk for gang involvement stay in school.

Title 53F-2-410: Enhancement for At-Risk Students Program
Utah State Legislature

Gang Prevention and Intervention Program means specifically designed projects and activities to help at-risk students stay in school and enhance their cultural and social competence, self-management skills, citizenship, preparation for life skills, academic achievement, literacy, and interpersonal relationship skills required for school completion and full participation in society.

R277-436: Gang Prevention and Intervention Programs in the Schools
Utah Office of Administrative Rules

The 1.2 million dollars was distributed to school districts and charter schools through a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) grant process. School districts and charter schools that were interested in applying attended a gang prevention and intervention bidders conference, submitted a letter of intent, and submitted a grant application including the following:

  • abstract
  • statement of need
  • goals and objectives and evaluation,
  • program operations and activities,
  • and a budget matrix and narrative.

Priority was given to applications reflecting interagency and intra-agency collaboration. The grants awarded, were funded on a three-year grant cycle based on the funds available each year.

R277-436-3(G): Application, Distribution of Funds, and Administrative Support
Utah Office of Administrative Rules


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