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Reports - Consolidated Student Report (CSR)

Versions - 2011 


Release Dates


1 Dec 20, 2011 Original Release                                                                                    

Versions - 2010


Release Dates



January 5, 2010

Original Release.


January 28, 2010

After these were released we discovered some issues with IOWA tests that have been resolved in this release. The issues surrounded the manner in which the IOWA tests were matched to the students. Previous years reports IOWA scores will not be reflected correctly. This release fixes this issue and we will continue to match the IOWA students in the manner that we have for this release since it provides a more accurate report.

The original release was ran using 2008-09 end of year data. This was not intentional and has been fixed in this release. This release is based on the 2009-10 fall enrollment data.