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Utah MTSS 3-Tier Definitions (January 2016)

UMTSS Connections Conference: Supporting All Students to Reach New Heights will be held on June 22-23. Click here for more conference information.

SPDG Executive Summary (2015-2016)


UMTSS State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) Progress Summaries:

SPDG Executive Summary (2014-2015)

UMTSS Annual SPDG Report (2014-2015)


UMTSS Board Report (2013-2014)

UMTSS Local Education Agency (LEA) Practice Profile Summary (2013-2014)

The UMTSS LEA Practice Profile is a fidelity measure completed by UMTSS participating LEA's to assess the extent to which the critical infrastructure and features are in place for implementation of Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS). Higher Scores indicate higher levels of MTSS implementation. The report above shows Practice Profile growth from 2013 to 2014. 

General Information 

What is UMTSS?

UMTSS provides leadership and support for LEAs in sustained implementation of evidence-based MTSS practices. UMTSS addresses both academic and behavioral needs of all students through the integration of data, practices, and systems. The coaching and tools provided by UMTSS are intended to guide LEA teams in evaluating and analyzing current practices, establishing supportive infrastructure, and utilizing data to improve student outcomes.

UMTSS Seven Critical Components

  1. Evidence-based practices for academics and behavior
  2. Instructionally-relevant assessments
  3. Team-based problem-solving
  4. Data-based decision making
  5. Evidence-based professional development
  6. Supportive leadership
  7. Meaningful parent and student involvement

View the UMTSS Prezi for more information.

Who We Are: UMTSS State Implementation Team

The UMTSS State Implementation Team consists of staff members at the Utah State Office of Education (USOE) and several collaborative partners. Staff at the USOE are housed across departments, in Teaching and Learning, Special Education, and Title III, to foster alignment, visibility, and capacity. Higher education partners at Utah State University and the University of Utah , as well as staff from Utah Parent Center, provide advisory support. Funding is provided by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and State Personnel Development (SPDG) grants to assist Utah LEAs as they develop multi-tiered system of supports in both academics and behavior.

Our Objective: Infrastructure and Collaboration

UMTSS is designed to support Utah LEAs and schools in developing sustainable, evidence-based practices and provide supports for students within a multi-tiered system. The purpose of UMTSS is to assist LEAs in building infrastructure. Through coaching, UMTSS staff support LEAs in developing the necessary infrastructure to sustain a multi-tiered system of supports, integrate academic and behavior systems, implement systems and interventions with fidelity, utilize data, and sustain efforts over time to positively impact student outcomes.

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