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SIS 2000+ Report Card / Generic
Detailed Instructions

Last update: 1/25/2001 jmm


Report buttonThe Generic Report Card application prints a list (one or more pages per student) of scheduled classes having a mark category for the selected track and mark reporting periods, for each student having active status for that track. The user may select starting and ending mark reporting points from all points associated with all mark categories associated with all mark definitions associated with the selected track. The listing includes the period, course description, teacher name, and marks awarded.

A custom logo (.BMP) will be printed at the top/center of the report if the user replaces the existing, 'blank' version of the file RPTCARD.BMP (must be in the working directory, i.e. bin), with a bitmap of their own design. The system should be shipped with the 'blank' version of this bitmap file.

Marks are printed (horizontally, by class). The date printed (issue date) on the report is user-definable, and defaults to the current date.

1. Open Generic Report Card
From the Mark Reporting Menu, click on the Reports icon button. Select Generic Report Card from the list menu that appears. See General Reporting Procedures, Step 1 for more information on finding and opening a report.

Fig. 1 - opening screen, default Options

2. Define Parameters
The opening screen of this report (Fig. 1) contains five information screens: 'Options', 'Select', 'Sort Students', 'Select Marks', and 'Footer'. Click on each tab to view and define various parameters for the report, or continue to the Step 3, "Print Preview" for viewing and/or printing the reports using the default parameters.

3. Print Preview

The customized or default report can be previewed at any time before actual printing by clicking on the Preview command button. An option to print the report is available when the Preview is exited. For further instructions on previewing reports, see General Reporting Procedures, Step 3

4. Print the report to printer or to a file

Click on the Print command button to print the report to a printer or to a file without previewing it. For further instructions on printing reports, see General Reporting Procedures, Step 4.

5. Exit report

Click on the Quit command button to exit the report screen at any time.


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