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      SIS 2000+ Printed Reports & Reporting 

This page lists all SIS 2000+ reports in alphabetical order.  Click on the report name to view instructions to create the report. Click on the eyeball ([*]) to see a sample report.  Click here to see the same list of SIS 2000+ reports but categorized by module.  Press CTRL-F to find a report on this page.  A UT in the report name indicates the report was created by the USOE and contains information needed in Utah schools.


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General Reporting Procedures
General Food Service Reporting Procedures

[*] Account Statements (Food Service)
[*] Active Students (Food Service)
[*] Active Students (Food Service)
[*] ala Carte Items (Food Service)
[*] ala Carte Summary (Food Service)
[*] ATE Student Listing (UT Audit Reports)
[*] Attendance Collection (Attendance)
[*] Attendance Phone Contact List (Attendance)

[*] Bar Codes (Food Service)
[*] Behavior Detail report (Behavior)
[*] Behavior History Report (Behavior)
[*] Behavior Summary / Court Referral (Behavior - UT)
[*] Birthday List (Enrollment)

[*]Cafeteria Payment Breakdown (Food Service)
[*] Calculate Attendance (Attendance)
[*] CIP Code List (Scheduling - UT)
-- Calculate GPA and Ranking (Academic History - UT)
Citizenship Summary (Mark Reporting - UT)
[*] Class Adds & Drops Listing (Scheduling)
[*] Class List (Gradebook)
[*] Class Roll Worksheet (Attendance - UT)
[*] Class Size (Scheduling)
[*] Class Summary (Gradebook)
[*] Conflict Matrix (Scheduling)
[*] Contact Listing (Enrollment)
[*] Course CIP Code List (Scheduling - UT)
[*] Course Directory (Scheduling)
[*] Course Request List & Tally (Scheduling)
[*] Court Referral (Behavior - UT)
[*] Credit Evaluation (Academic History - UT)
Cumulative GPA List (Mark Reporting - UT)
[*] Current Status by Teacher (Food Service)
[*] Current Status Counts (Food Service)
[*] Current Status Snapshot (Food Service)

[*] Daily Attendance (Attendance - UT)
[*] Daily ala Carte (Food Service)
[*] Daily ala Carte by Drawer (Food Service)
[*] Daily ala Carte Summary (Food Service)
[*] Daily Call (Attendance)
[*] Daily Cafeteria Summary (Food Service)
[*] Daily Deposit Summary (Food Service)
[*] Daily Food Service Summary (Food Service)
[*] Daily Meal (Food Service)
[*] Daily Meal by Drawer (Food Service)
[*] Daily Payment (Food Service)
[*] Daily Payment by Drawer (Food Service)
[*] December 1  (UT Audit Reports)

[*] Eligibility Letters & Labels (Food Service)
[*] Excessive Absences Report (Attendance)
[*] Excessive Absences/Tardies (Attendance - UT)
[*] Exited/Expired Student Records (Food Service)

[*] Faculty Data Labels (System)
[*] Faculty Directory (System)
[*] Faculty Scheduling Matrix (Scheduling - UT)
[*] Form Letters (Food Service)

[*] GPA Comparison (Academic History - UT)
[*] GPA / Rank (Academic History)

[*] Honor Roll Calculation & Listing (Mark Reporting)

[*] Immunization Requirements (Health)
[*] Inactive Students (Food Service)
[*] Inactive Faculty (Food Service)

[*]  Loader Checklist & Validation (Scheduling)
[*] Locker Assignments (Enrollment)
[*] Locker Listing (Enrollment)
[*] Low Achievement Report (Mark Reporting - UT)


[*] Mailing Labels (Enrollment)
[*] Mailing Labels (Food Service)
[*] Marks Listing by Class (Mark Reporting)
[*] Marks Listing by Student (Mark Reporting)
[*] Master Absence List (Attendance)
[*] Master Schedule (Scheduling)
[*] Meal Cards (Food Service)
[*] Meal Items (Food Service)
[*] Meal Rates (Food Service)
[*] Meal Summary (Food Service)
[*] Medical History (Health)
[*] Midterm (Mark Reporting - UT)
[*] Missing Scores (Gradebook)
[*] Monthly Attendance Hours (Attendance)

[*] Oct 1 Count (UT Audit Reports)

[*] Payment Summary by Date (Food Service)
[*] Payment Summary by Drawer (Food Service)
[*] Pending Expiration (Food Service)
[*] Perfect Attendance (Attendance - UT)
[*] Progress Report A (Mark Reporting)
[*] Progress Report B (Mark Reporting)

[*] Reimbursement Rates (Food Service)
[*] Report Card - Elementary (Gradebook - UT)
[*] Report Card - Secondary (Mark Reporting - UT)
[*] Report Card Comments Listing (Mark Reporting)
[*] Report Card / Generic (Mark Reporting)
[*] Report of Absent Days (Attendance - UT)
[*] Requirements Status (Academic History)
[*] Rosters (4 formats) (Food Service)
[*] Rosters (6 formats) (Scheduling)

[*] Score Collection (Gradebook)
Special Education Exit Report (Services & Programs - UT)
[*] Special Program History (Services & Programs)
[*] Special Program History (Enrollment)
--  Spreadsheet (Gradebook)
[*] Student ADA/ADM Audit (Attendance)
[*] Student Advisor List (Enrollment)
[*] Student ala Carte by Teacher (Food Service)
[*] Student Balances by Teacher (Food Service)
[*] Student Birthday List (Enrollment)
[*] Student Course Request List (Scheduling)
[*] Student Data Labels (Enrollment)
[*] Student Directory (Enrollment)
[*] Student List - Address/Contact (Enrollment - UT)
[*] Student List by Family (Enrollment - UT)
[*] Student Locator (Scheduling - UT)
[*] Student Locator (Scheduling)
[*] Student Locker Assignments (Enrollment)
[*] Student Mailing Labels (Enrollment)
[*] Student Meals by Teacher (Food Service)
[*] Student Payments by Teacher (Food Service)
[*] Student Progress (Gradebook)
[*] Student Schedule (Scheduling)
[*] Student Schedule Analysis (Scheduling)
[*] Student Schedule Summary (Scheduling)
[*] Student Services (Srvc & Pgrms)
[*] Student Services Recheck (Srvc & Pgrms)
[*] Student Services Summary (Srvc & Pgrms)
[*] Student Status Changes (Enrollment)
[*] Student Summary / Court Referral (Behavior - UT)
[*] Study Area Enrollment Count (UT Audit Reports)
[*] Summary of Loader Results (Scheduling)

[*] Task Summary (Gradebook)
[*] Teacher's Summary of Attendance  (Attendance)
[*] Term End  (Attendance - UT)
[*] Testing: Pre-Print Verification (UT Audit Reports)
[*] Transcripts (Academic History - UT)
[*] Transcript (Academic History)

[*] Unscheduled Student (Scheduling)

[*] Year Round Membership (UT Audit Reports)

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NOTE: SIS 2000+ documentation is under construction. We work on it approximately ten hours each weekend. If you have comments or suggestions to make the documentation easier to use, please email Jolene Morris.
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