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SIS 2000+ UT Daily Attendance
Quick Instructions

Last update: 1/21/2000 jmm

This report is for internal use only and is not necessary for state reporting nor for auditing purposes. The report lists all students who were absent and/or tardy on a particular date. The report may be sorted by students (alphabetically) or by teacher. The report may be kept in the attendance office as a backup, hardcopy of attendance data. The report may also be printed out by teacher so each teacher may keep a printed copy of attendance for his/her students -- although teachers can also print attendance from the Attendance module.

Quick, Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Attendance | Reports | UT Daily Attendance
  2. Select the term from the drop-down list.
  3. Select the date for which you want an attendance report.
  4. Mark one of the check boxes in the top two groups of check boxes. (Note: The check boxes should be radio button as all four check boxes are mutually exclusive -- you can only choose one of the four types of reports.)
  5. If you want an additional report printed by teacher, check the single box in the third group of check boxes.
  6. Click the Preview or the Print button.
  7. Click the Quit button to exit the report.

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