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SIS 2000+ UT Student Locator 
Quick Instructions

Last update: 1/21/2000 jmm

This report prints the student schedule for one or more students in the school. The schedules may be used to hand out to students at registration time or on the first day of the school/term. The schedules for all students may be kept in the office for handy reference by those who do not have quick access to SIS 2000+. The report is for internal use only and does not need to be kept for audit purposes.

Quick, Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Scheduling | Reports | UT Student Locator
  2. Select the school year.
  3. Select the term(s) to appear on the page for each student.
  4. Mark the check box(es) for those grades of students you want locator schedules printed
    - or -
    Mark the check box for "Selected Students Only." If you choose to print locator schedules for selected students only, the drop-down field lists those students whose schedules will be printed.
  5. Add notes/fees/announcements which will be printed at the bottom of each student's locator schedule. BUG NOTE: As of this date (May 20, 2000), the note will be printed only on the final schedule printed. If you want the note printed on every schedule, you must print schedules one at a time.
  6. Mark a radio button to indicate how you want the student schedules to be sorted.
  7. Click the Preview or the Print button.
  8. Click the Quit button to exit the report.

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