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SIS 2000+ UT Student List by Family
Quick Instructions

Last update: 1/21/2000 jmm

This report prints a comprehensive list of all students enrolled in the school as well as their social security number, student ID number, student name, grade, birth date, gender, entry date, exit date, address, phone number, contact name, relationship of contact, contact phone number, and track. The report is for internal use only and does not need to be kept for audit purposes; however, this report should be kept as a master list of students in case of emergencies or for backup purposes. The previous Utah Report (Student List--Address/Contact) is the same as this report except it can be sorted by grade level, class/course, or alphabetically.

Quick, Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Enrollment | Reports | UT Student List by Family
  2. Enter the school district number.
  3. Click the Preview or the Print button.
  4. Click the Quit button to exit the report.

Main Help Menu      Return to Reports Menu      Sample Report