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SIS 2000+ UT Faculty Scheduling Matrix
Quick Instructions

Last update: 1/21/2000 jmm

This report will print out a chart showing the course schedule. It may be printed for just the current term or for the entire year. Teachers are listed in alphabetical order with a column (cell) for each period. In the cell for each period, the course name and number as well as the enrollment and maximum enrollment will be printed. In addition, the report prints a summary of all courses (sorted by course number) showing all sections taught and the number of students enrolled in each section. These reports are for internal use only and do not need to be saved for auditing purposes.

Quick, Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Scheduling | Reports | UT Faculty Scheduling Matrix
  2. Select one of the checkboxes to indicate if you want the scheduling matrix for one term only or for the entire school year (multiple terms).
  3. Click the Preview or the Print button.
  4. Click the Quit button to exit the report.

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