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SIS 2000+ General Reporting Procedures

Last update: 1/25/2001 jmm


Report Button1. Open a Report
Reports are normally accessed from within the program module they are associated with (although the user may customize the location of reports within SIS 2000+ using the Menu Editor Utility)

2. Define parameters
The main screen (Fig. 2) of a report interface normally contains three tabs (information screens): 'Options', 'Select', and 'Sort'. Click on each tab to view and define the available parameters for the report, or continue to the previewing and printing procedures (Steps 4, 5) using the default parameters.

Fig. 2 - sample main screen of a report

3. Preview
There are three possible sections to a report: Cover Page, Listing, and Summary. In some reports, the Listing (main body of report) or Summary section may included or excluded from the report depending on the parameters defined in the 'Options' screen or depending on the way the report is coded. In some reports, the Listing will be automatically included and the Summary may be excluded if it is not applicable. The Cover Page, previewed first,  is included in all reports by default unless the Cover page field is deselected in the Print dialog (see Step 4.2). 4. Print report
The print dialog allows a report to be printed directly to the default printer, saved as a file, and/or merged with a form letter. The print dialog will appear automatically after a Preview is exited or after the Print command button is executed. 5. Exit Report

Click on the Quit command button at the bottom of the report's main screen to exit the report at any time.


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