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SIS 2000+ Account Balance Reports
Student Balances by Teacher
Last update: 1/21/2001 jmm

Report buttonThis report lists account balances and transaction summaries for Active Students, grouped by Teacher. The report account balance data is not date driven (account balances are current balances, regardless of the system date). However, students are grouped by teacher based upon the teacher/advisor assignment present in Enrollment, Student Editor, General Tab, on the report date. You may filter student account balances included in the report by setting balance parameters (greater than, less than, equal to, etc.). The Account Balance Forward (if present), the Ending Account Balance, and total Payments recorded, Meals and ala Carte served are listed for each student account that meets the report selection criteria. For an itemization of an account's food service activity, see Accounts Sec. 6i, Account Detail Report. For creating and printing Account Statements, Deficit Letters and related documents, see Food Services Reports, Letters & Labels.

1. Open the report
From the Food Services Menu, click on the Reports icon button. Select the report group Account Balance Reports from the list menu that appears. See Food Services General Reporting Procedures for more information.

Fig. 1 - Account Balance Reports menu, Active Students by Teacher

2. Define Parameters
All items that appear in the opening criteria screen's selection lists (Fig. 1) will be included in the report by default. Selection criteria are included in the report heading.

3. Print, Display, or Export report data.
See "General Food Services Reporting Procedures" for further details on these procedures.

4. Exit report
Click on the Quit button to exit the report screen at any time.

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