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SIS 2000+ Food Service Reports
Food Service Rosters
Last update: 1/21/2001 jmm


Report buttonThis report lists students, account balances, pay-types and includes an optional transaction register for recording service and payments for the period of one week, per the report date. Rosters may be printed listing students alphabetically by School, by Grade or by Class. The appearance of Roster Reports may be adjusted as needed.

  1. Balances - Select (check) to include each student's account balance as of the report date. De-select (uncheck) to remove this information from the report.
  2. Register - Select (check) to include the register format. De-select (uncheck) to exclude the register from the report.
  3. Student Status - Report defaults to the following terminology -
    1. Free = Free
    2. Reduced == Reduced
    3. Paid = Paid

    Status Aliases may be substituted for report purposes (see Sec. 2). This allows public use of Food Service Rosters while adhering to Overt Identification requirements.

1. Open the report
From the Food Services Menu, click on the Reports icon button. Select the report group Food Service Rosters from the list menu that appears. See Food Services General Reporting Procedures for more information.

Fig. 1 - Food Service Rosters menu

2. Modify Default Pay Type Aliases (optional)

  1. Open the File menu, and select Preferences.
  2. Select (click on) a Preference
  3. Select (click on) the Value field
  4. Enter (type) a new Value

In Fig. 2, the Value for the Preference Status Alias Free was changed from the default value "Free" to the numeral "1". Rosters will now display "1" instead of "Free" for Free students present in the report.

Fig. 2 - Food Service Rosters, Preference Editor

3. Select the School
Selection is preset to the login School. If login is completed to the District, open this list and select a specific School. This report may also be printed for the District.

3. Select the Roster
Select (highlight) the type of Roster to print. - by School, by Class or by Grade.

4. Define Roster Parameters

  1. Balances - Include/exclude account balances
  2. Include/exclude Register

5. Print, Display, or Export report data.
See "General Food Services Reporting Procedures" for further details on these procedures.

6. Exit report
Click on the Quit button to exit the report screen at any time.

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