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SIS 2000+ Letters & Labels Reports
Print Form Letters
Last update: 1/21/2001 jmm

Report Button

1. Open Reports Menu
Reports are accessed from within the SIS 2000+ Food Services program module by launching the Reports icon button. This action opens the Food Service Reports Menu, displaying a list of Food Service report groups (Fig. 1).

Go To Food Services General Reporting Procedures, Sec. 6 for detailed document printing instructions.

Fig. 1 - Food Service Reports menu

2. Open Letters & Labels
From Food Services Reports, highlight the Letters & Labels Report Group, then click on the Select button. The Letters & Labels selection screen displays, defaulting read-only to the School selected during login (unless district login with full access was completed, in which case all schools are available), consumer type Student, and student selection All Active Students.

3. Select Consumers and Consumer Form Letter criteria

4. Move consumer records to the Print Queue
The list of retrieved records is a proposed list of consumers to receive form letters . From this proposed list individuals may be selected for printing, or the entire proposed list may be moved to the print queue. Records are shifted to the print queue or back to the "Retrieved" screen by using the "mover" VCR buttons placed vertically in the middle of the screen.

5. Proceed to Document Selection
When all consumers to be included in this printing run are present in the Print Queue, the next step is document selection. Click on the Proceed button to continue.

6. Select the Form Letter to be printed
Highlight the Document Group Form Letters. Available bar code formats will display in the Document field. Select (highlight) the specific form letter. The Print to form assigned to that document will display in the Start Print grid at the right of the screen (Fig. 4). The Start Print location defaults to upper left. If you are using a partial sheet, click on the location where you wish to begin printing.

Fig. 4 - Select form letter to print

Document tracking -
Place a checkmark in this box to track when this form letter was printed. Document tracking is recorded in Accounts, Preferences page, for each individual in the print queue. Document tracking is specified when a document is created (see Food Reports, Letters & Labels, Document Editor), but may be turned on or off from the document print screen.

Sheets required -
Evaluates the document Print to form (number of documents per page), start print location on the form, and number of consumers in the print queue to calculate the number of sheets you will need to complete this printing run.

7. Display to evaluate letter format (optional)
Document display is limited to the first ten pages. Click on the exit door icon to close the preview. The Print option does not automatically follow when a previewed document is closed to simplify document format evaluation. If the letter format needs adjusting, close the preview, then use the Edit button to access the Edit Document screen for the selected document (accesses the Edit Document screen for this document. See Food Reports, Letters & Labels, Document Editor Sec. 7, Editing Document Formats).

8. Print letters
If the appearance of the document is acceptable, close the preview, then use the Print button.

9. Quit
Exits the report screen and returns to the Letters & Labels screen. Press Quit again to return to the Food Service Reports screen.

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